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I’m definitely one happy sub bottom after my shipment from Rainbow Zone. The day my package arrived, I installed my new bed bondage kit, laid out my new waterproof play sheet, stuffed my ass with my new raw pup and waited for my boyfriend to get home for playtime!

Jeremy Mason


Everything is awesome. Seems like lately I’ve got something of yours on my dick or nuts every time I get off. In fact, your stuff is on my dick now! Almost like I can’t cum without you. The Magno Trainer feels INCREDIBLE on my dick! Love how it pulls my nuts as well.

Michael Wright


I am VERY impressed with the service. I appreciate how quickly it got here and the quality of the products. The harness fit really well and I will definitely consider buying from Rainbow Zone again in the future. It was reassuring to know that you work with customers to get the right fit, even if that requires exchanges. Thanks so much!

Regan McCook


I can’t say enough good things about my experience shopping at Rainbow Zone. My special request was handled perfectly. All items arrived in good order and about 4 days ahead of the original shipping ETA. First rate experience every step of the way. You have made Rainbow Zone one of my favorite suppliers and you can be sure that I will be back for more in the future!

Joseph Perry