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Plug Shell Shock


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Shockingly large, long, thick and fantastically weighty, hailing from a line of extra hardy, larger-than-average toys from the American Bombshell collection, this magnificent plug offers up all the filling, sphincter-stretching stimulation one could wish for. Awe-inspiring in every way, the large plug Shell Shock is the taller of two impressively expansive pieces, and in subtly red PVC that flexes just enough for perfect positioning, it’s definitely one for the books, particularly for anal enthusiasts craving a big, big stretch and extra full experience.

Cleverly constructed for a toe-curling stretch upon insertion, the smoothly rounded tip is almost as thick as the shaft, and relatively blunt, offering a point of entry that quickly expands to the plug Shell Shock’s largest point. Very hefty width-wise all the way down the straight shaft, the shape keeps up a constant pressure and ensures a very full feel. Adding to the experience, the plug Shell Shock’s big round base is good and wide, acting as a barrier against too-deep penetration, it’s also concave, providing some sturdy suction for (limited) hands-free potential.

Made of Doc Johnson’s signature safe, phthalate free PVC, the plug Shell Shock is quite flexible in hand, easily maneuvering in and around the body’s contours, but once in place, it’s wonderfully sturdy for precision stimulation. Compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants.

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American Bombshell

American Bombshell
American Bombshell is one of the leading dildo brands for men. It has a large assortment of black and red anal dildos that are available in various sizes and models.

That variation makes the American Bombshell collection suitable for a wide audience with different wishes and preferences.

American Bombshell

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