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Blast Balls


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Massively thick and screamingly satisfying, from over-sized textured tip to sturdy base handle, the hefty Blast Balls from Doc Johnson’s American Bombshell collection represent a reliable anal desire-annihilating piece offering all the extreme length and every inch of thickness one could possibly wish for.

Awe-inspiring and larger-than-life in every way, this advanced tool in subtly metallic red PVC is absolutely one for the books, particularly suiting players after an extra filling experience. Along with the Blast Balls’ noteworthy size, which, at a full 21 inches absolutely won’t disappoint, an unforgettable stretch is a given- the first bomb shaped bead gets right down to business, widening immediately past the very slightly tapered entry. Pass the first bombshell to reach a slimmer neck and two more equally sized swells.

Extremely flexible, easily curling and curving to fill individual inner contours, the Blast Balls nevertheless prove extraordinarily sturdy and sweet-spot targeting once inserted. A long textured handle below the final bomb provides lots of precision control and a great grip at all times.

Made of Doc Johnson’s body safe and phthalate free PVC material, the Blast Balls clean easily and thoroughly using lots of soapy water or a good toy care formulation. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

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American Bombshell

American Bombshell
American Bombshell is one of the leading dildo brands for men. It has a large assortment of black and red anal dildos that are available in various sizes and models.

That variation makes the American Bombshell collection suitable for a wide audience with different wishes and preferences.

American Bombshell

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